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USA Cheer Music Initiative
(For all competing teams)

USA Cheer has released their Music Copyrights Educational Initiative, and as a part of the Spirit community, we have committed to sharing the information and implementing these guidelines at all of our cheer camps and competitions beginning immediately. This program has been designed to ensure that the cheer and dance team community is aware of U.S. copyright laws related to music.
Music Copyrights Educational Initiative Announcement
There is a lot of important information for all of us - event producers, coaches, choreographers, cheerleaders and dancers. Below, you will find an additional resource that provides you with options for the upcoming competition season.
View the preferred providers list here. This is a list of music producers that can help your team with all your music needs.
Teams must be able to provide proof of licensing when registering. This may include:
    - Proof of Purchase from a Preferred Provider
    - If using a single song, receipt from purchase of single song
    - If using an editor, (editors do not have to be on the Preferred Providers list), they must be able to provide you with proof of purchase from a preferred provider and proof of licensing for all sound effects and voice-overs included in the mix.


The Southwestern Cheerleaders Association is a Proud Member of the USASF. We strictly enforce all USASF guidelines. To view these rules, please use the links below:

* USASF All Star Cheer Rules

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* All Star Tiny Novice Scoring Rubrics


* All Star Level Appropriate Examples

* All Star Prep Level Appropriate Examples



School Rules are written by the  American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administration. We strictly enforce all AACCA guidelines. To view these rules, please use the links below:

* AACCA School Rules

* Cheer Rules


More information on Routine Requirements coming soon...


* School Performance Divisions and Scoring Restrictions

* School Performance Rubrics

* School Performance Score Sheet Samples

* School Game Day Battle Divisions and Restrictions

* School Game Day Battle Score Sheet Samples



More information on Routine Requirements coming soon...


* Deduction System

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