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The Ultimate Training Experience with One-Of-A-Kind Camps

At SCA we specialize in the ULTIMATE training experience for serious cheerleaders. Instead of producing hundreds of camps to teach all cheerleaders, we focus on creating one-of-a-kind camps for a few. In other words, we don't produce a lot of good camps; instead, we produce a few truly outstanding ones.



Battle at the Bayou

December 3, 2022
Lake Charles, LA
The Burton

2 Paid Bids
9 At Large Bids

Battle at the Capitol

January 14, 2023
Baton Rouge, LA
Raising Cane's River Center

2 Paid Bids
9 At Large Bids

Battle at the Park

January 28, 2023
Beaumont, TX
Ford Park

3 At Large Bids
$5,000 to the highest scoring team

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