Private Camp Registration


1. A confirmation of your 2022 SCA Private Camp Registration will automatically be emailed to you once your online form has been submitted.
2. You can submit a copy of the confirmation along with your payment.
3. The balance payment is due 10 days before the first day of camp.
4. Please provide a copy of the SCA General Release and Waiver Form for each athlete attending camp.
5. The waiver forms are to be handed in at camp check-in.

Registration Form

School Name:
School Street Address:
School City/State/Zip:
School Phone Number:
Camp your team attended last year:
Coach Name:
Coach Email Address:
Coach Cell Number:
When are your tryouts for the new season?
How many squads will attend camp:
What Division is your team: Elementary
Middle School
Junior Varsity
What Skill Level best describes your team: Beginner
1st choice of dates for your Private Camp:
2nd choice of dates for your Private Camp:
Names of COACHES attending camp:
Number of FEMALE CHEERLEADERS attending camp:
Number of MALE CHEERLEADERS attending camp:
Number of MASCOTS attending camp:
Please let us know any other details:

Thank you for considering SCA for your Private Camp. We will be contacting you shortly.

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