Stunt Clinic Registration

1. A confirmation of your 2022 SCA Stunt Clinic Registration will automatically be emailed to you once your online form has been submitted.
2. You will receive an invoice within 24 hours of submitting your online registration.
3. Please provide a copy of the SCA General Release and Waiver Form for each athlete attending the stunt clinic.
4. The waiver forms are to be handed in at clinic check-in.

School Name:
School Street Address:
School City/State/Zip:
School Phone Number:
Coach Name:
Coach Email Address:
Coach Cell Number:
When are your tryouts for the new season?
How many cheerleaders will attend the clinic?
What Division is your team: Elementary
Middle School
Junior Varsity
What is your team's stunting skill level: Beginner
Stunt clinic date?
Names of coaches attending the clinic:
Number of female cheerleaders attending the clinic:
Number of male cheerleaders attending the clinic:
Share any other details:

Thank you for considering SCA for your Stunt Clinic. We will contact you shortly.

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