Covid Camp Safety

All of us at SCA send you our warmest wishes during this unprecedented quarantine.  We hope that you, your family, and your cheerleaders are healthy and that you all are as hopeful as we are about the near future. Enjoying cheerleading camp with you all this summer would be an amazing thing indeed!  It would signify that all is well, and that our communities and our nation are moving toward a post-quarantine time. 

At the time Governor Edwards announced that all schools would be closing on Friday, March 13, we estimated that about 55% of schools had not yet held cheerleading tryouts. If you are in that majority of schools who did not have tryouts before the quarantine, we are here to assist you in EVERY way possible to select your team when the time comes.  When the governor allows and your school principal permits you to proceed with tryouts, SCA has judges ready to judge your tryouts at your convenience. Since college students are taking classes online, our collegiate staff members have flexible schedules and are available to judge your tryouts!

When the economy reopens and we are able to move forward with plans for summer camp training, SCA will be implementing several changes, exclusively for this summer.  There will undoubtedly be stipulations regarding the number of people who can gather, as well as other practical safety measures we must take in the summer camp environment.  Such measures will be dictated by the federal, state, and local governments; the CDC; and the universities we partner with. Your health and well-being are our top priorities.  SCA will follow the CDC guidelines closely to keep you and your cheerleaders safe. 

Although we value competition at SCA, we have made the decision that we will neither have a home dance nor a home cheer competition at SCA camp this summer only.  We do not want to put unnecessary pressure on you and your team to worry about the time and effort required to learn a routine and make it performance ready.  For the same reasons, uniforms are not required at SCA camp for the summer of 2020.  Simple matching shorts and shirts will suffice.  Individuals trying out for All-American on the last day of camp may choose to wear a formal uniform for All-American tryouts if they wish. Since no team will compete with a home dance or cheer on the opening night of camp and no team will be wearing a formal cheerleading uniform, if you are ordering uniforms for your team you can do so at your leisure without the pressure to receive it in time for camp.

When we know the timeline and parameters for public assembly, SCA is ready to move quickly to update and/or adjust the SCA summer camp schedule.  We do not want you to worry about anything!  If we are making plans to attend cheerleading camp once again, that will mean we have come through this pandemic victoriously, and that gives us even more reason to celebrate!  Let us focus on the hope and spirit of being together, learning, achieving, and looking forward to being on the sidelines in September.  Check our website, as we will be updating it with new information regularly.  Finally, we are proud to announce a theme for SCA Summer Camp 2020: “Let’s Celebrate, America!”  And should we be blessed with the opportunity to gather for cheerleading camp this summer, we will celebrate—and it will be amazing!



Nadine Romero

President, SCA

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