School/Rec Registration

1. Submit the completed, online official registration form. A separate form must be submitted for each additional team participating.

    Print a copy of your online registration submission, this will be your invoice to mail in with payment.
2. Competition Fee Schedule: 

    $75 per athlete ($85 if registering less than 30 days prior to your event)

    If you have any questions, contact SCA at 337-249-4769 or

3. Mail the Competition Fee to:

    SCA Championship
    P.O. Box 5352
    Lake Charles, LA. 70606

    Your printed registration form is your invoice

4. The Final Competition Schedule will be emailed to coaches on Wednesday prior to the event.

5. On competition day, all teams must check-in at the registration table prior to their scheduled warm-up. Please turn in all of your forms at this time! School and Rec Release Forms

6. SCA reserves the right to combine divisions due to competition registrations and deadlines.

7. If you have any problems meeting the deadline, please contact the SCA office at 337-477-5218 or email SCA at

8. Coaches attend FREE!

9. Mail, fax or phone a completed registration form and any fees to: SCA Championships, P.O. Box 5352, Lake Charles, LA. 70606 or phone/fax to 337-477-5218.

2022-2023 SCA Battle Championships School/Recreation Registration. By filling out this form you give SCA permission to use your email for SCA marketing purposes.

School Name:
How many female athletes are on this team?
How many male athletes are on this team?
School Address:
City, State, Zip
Coach Name:
Coach Email:
Coach Phone Number:
Name of additional coach, attending:
Name of additional coach, attending:
The Battle Championship your team will compete? Please fill out a separate form if this team is competing at both championships.
Select your Competition Routine:
Select to compete in the Game Day Dance (if applicable)
Select your Competition Division:


1. Participant fee (add $10 per participant if registering less than 30 days prior to your event)
2. Number of athletes competing:
3. Subtotal of (1 x 2)
4. Number of athletes competing in Game Day Dance x $45 per athlete (when in addition to a Performance Routine)
5. Number of athletes competing in Game Day Dance only x $75.00 per athlete.
6. Subtotal of (4) or (5)
7. Grand Total (3 + 6)

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